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30 January 2018

The ‘battle of ideologies’ may further delay healthcare legislation. Because 2019 is an election year, legislation arising out of a four-and-a-half year Competition Commission inquiry and the proposed National Health Insurance plan may be delayed further. External Link to article
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30 January 2018

Lwando Xaso: Lessons from my first white boss. I remember looking back at my billable hours during my first six months working for Donald and realised I had worked every day except for one Sunday. And I held no grudges because of the environment he had created — that I was in charge and important to his team. External Link to article
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22 November 2018

Donald Dinnie comments on the study by Prof Ethelwynn Stellenberg in the Food for Thought section of the Healthman Private Practice Review External Link to article
Healthman Private Practice Review

15 November 2018

6 June 1944 or How to Make Really Good Decisions. Presented on 7 June 2018 by Donald Dinnie and Robert Bennetto External Link to article
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13 November 2018

Minors, blood transfusions and the court by Donald Dinnie External Link to article
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5 November 2018

Risk management for the healthcare industry: the importance of checklists by Aneesa Bodiat External Link to article
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31 October 2018

Nursing negligence in private hospitals by Donald Dinnie External Link to article
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20 October 2018

Good News for Medical Practitioners by Donald Dinnie and Dominique Spies External Link to article

10 October 2018

Supreme Court judgment important for covering doctors External Link to article
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4 October 2018

Natmed Medical Defence comments on the recent judgement of the Supreme Court of Appeal in Life Healthcare and Dr A.S Suliman External Link to article