2018 Medico-Legal Year in Review

Presented by Donald Dinnie 1st GMG/SASOG Private Practice Weekend 2019 Irene Country Lodge from 8-10 March 2019 The healthcare industry is still in a state of flux and there remains much uncertainty because of significant proposed changes to the regulatory and legislative landscape. 2018 has set the stage for 2019 to be a challenging healthcare […]

Should it be once and for all?

The res judicata and once and for all rules in our common law work hand in hand to protect a defendant from constant attack for the same alleged negligence. The rules have long been part of our law. The res judicata rule provides that once a competent Court has made a ruling on a cause […]

The NHI, funding healthcare and medico-legal claims

With the publication of the National Health Insurance Bill, proposed amendments to the Medical Schemes Act, and the anticipation of amendments to another 12 or so pieces of legislation needed to implement National Health Insurance, a review of the funding of medico-legal claims would also be useful. National Health Insurance is the proposed funding model […]

Bleak House, A Tale Of Wealth And Health For Patients And Doctors?

Donald Dinnie, CEO Natmed Medical Defence, and Volker von Widdern, CEO Constantia Insurance Company, discuss the changes needed to address South Africa’s medico-legal crisis. The fictional case of Jarndyce v Jarndyce in Charles Dicken’s Bleak House tells of a long running court case disputing payment under a will. It ran for generations terminating in a judgment when the […]