Our team of experienced presenters, including our in-house lawyers, offer seminars, workshops or lectures on a range of topics and for any size of audience.

We can also create bespoke workshops on topics as required.

Those all carry CPD ethical points accredited through SAMA.

Unless stated otherwise all talks are 60 minutes including questions and answers, although active and passionate audience participation often extends the duration well beyond that.

Download our brochure for a list of medical defence CPD Topics and workshop information.

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Natmed Medical Defence CPD Topics

  1. Understanding medical malpractice insurance and its importance for healthcare professionals
  2. Medico-legal reform: the challenges and solutions
  3. The Medico-legal State of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in SA
  4. Understanding material Non-disclosure and the health practitioners duty to their insurer in that regard
  5. Legal liability: test for negligence - When is a health practitioner at fault
  6. Legal liability: test for causation - did the health practitioner at fault cause the damage complained of
  7. Informed consent: the hows and whys and dos and don'ts
  8. Exposing yourself to social media: how to avoid being a twit when tweeting and other lessons
  9. What to notify? The dos and don'ts of record keeping and notifications
  10. Data privacy and the Protection of personal information Act: the rights and obligations of patient and healthcare practitioners.
  11. Understanding the court process from Demand to final Appeal Judgment - Including the do's and don'ts of giving evidence.
  12. Understanding the Inquest process - The healthcare practitioners rights and duties.
  13. The Holy grail of dispute resolution: is mediation all it is cracked up to be? - How to use mediation effectively.
  14. Natmed's glossary of medical negligence and insurance terms: a review and discussion of key concepts.
  15. The importance of checklists.

Topics exclusively available to Natmed clients

  1. How to avoid a law suit
  2. Understanding your medical malpractice insurance

Workshop for healthcare practitioner support staff

Keep calm and carry on:
What to do if a supoena or summons or any other legal document is served on the practice, understanding the protection of patient privacy and confidentiality, the dos and don'ts of record keeping, avoiding the dangers of social media, what to do if a request is received for patient records, and the role played by the medical malpractice insurer and 3 easy steps in assisting the healthcare practitioner to ensure that appropriate medical malpractice insurance is in place.