This overview is not a summary of the insurance cover provided. You should have regard to the precise terms and exclusions of any quotation or contract of insurance provided by our various underwriters. These will always accompany every quotation and policy.
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1. What will my premium be?

Each practice and health practitioner is unique, with your own needs and risks. Every premium is calculated on a case-by-case basis depending on a number of factors specific to you and your practice including your risk profile and claims history. Future premium increases are also calculated on a case-by-case basis depending on factors affecting your practice. As a result of the uniqueness of your practice we may not always be the cheaper option, but the primary reason that we have such a large member base, specifically in obstetrics, relates to the mechanisms of support and service that we have offered and continue to provide our obstetrics, and other health care practitioner clients for over 19 years. We also ensure that we always have the backing of the strongest insurers

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2. Do I have cover at retirement?

We believe in giving you peace of mind. That includes covering you on your retirement and your estate on your demise.

The policy provides free cover upon your retirement for an initial period of three years (subject to terms and conditions) and can be extended annually (by application) to cater for age of majority claims (subject to prevailing underwriting criteria and, if required, payment of additional premiums to the insurer), and also extends to cover your estate.


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The process should take about 3 minutes

3. Which lawyers do we use?

Besides immediate access to our very experienced internal legal team headed up by our CEO Donald Dinnie, litigation is handled by experienced attorneys at leading South African Law firms, including Norton Rose Fulbright, Webber Wentzel, MacRobert Inc., Bouwer Cardona Inc., Clyde&Co., to ensure that you always have timeous and effective legal assistance in the event of a claim, complaint or any issues with the HPCSA.

4. Who are the insurers?

Our insurance products are primarily underwritten by Constantia Insurance Company Limited and, Hollard Insurance Company Ltd., locally registered insurers.

The above-mentioned underwriters provide individual contracts of insurance to our clients, in accordance with the Short-Term Insurance Act.

5. What indemnity limits are available?

Every health practitioner has different needs based on the nature and size of the practice they run and the risks they are exposed to. Certain hospitals are refusing admission and theatre privileges to health practitioners who don’t maintain at all times appropriate preferred indemnity insurance.

Various indemnity limits are available suitable for your needs up to R200 million per annum in the aggregate

6. What is a claims-made policy?

A claims-made policy covers claims arising from the negligent provision of professional healthcare services after the date shown on the policy and first brought against you whilst the policy is in force. Run-off cover in the event of retirement is also provided.

7. What happens to my claims if I switch to the claims-made policy offered by Natmed Medical Defence?

If you previously had occurrence-based benefits with a society or an occurrence-based policy with an insurer, or a claims-made policy with an insurer or, had no cover then,

  1. Occurrence-based cover or benefits: your society or insurer should cover all claims arising for the period of your membership up to the start date of the policy obtained through Natmed Medical Defence. From the start date of the policy obtained through Natmed Medical Defence, the insurer will cover claims arising during the period of insurance and notified during the period of insurance.
  2. Claims-made cover: under certain circumstances including notification both to your previous insurer of all existing claims and circumstances and disclosure thereof to your new insurer, you can apply for retroactive cover through Natmed Medical Defence. You must ensure that the retroactive date on your new policy matches that of your old policy. If the new insurer agrees, you will then be retroactively covered for the period in question and prospectively from the start-date of the policy obtained through Natmed Medical Defence.
  3. No Cover: You will only be covered from the start date of the policy obtained through Natmed Medical Defence.
We'd like to clear up a common misconception:

If you belong to a society offering occurrence-based options and you join a cheaper claims-made option within that society, you will NOT, we understand be allowed to re-join the occurrence-based option as some health practitioners are led to believe.

However, it is accepted practice in the industry, for South African registered insurers to allow their clients to migrate between claims-made products from time-to-time.

8. What Should I Notify?

Any and all incidents that involve complications, are out of the ordinary and/or adverse in any way, before the end of the relevant period of insurance.

You may notify us using our 24-hour online portal and clicking the "Register an incident or claim" button.

You must notify us immediately in writing should you become aware of any and all requests for any patient information or medical records of a patient, from any person, or any occurrence of any event or circumstance that may give rise to a claim under the contract of insurance whether or not you consider yourself to be at fault.

You must notify us of every request for records, any letter of demand, complaint, claim, writs, summons or process received in writing.

Please contact us immediately if you need any assistance.

9. Am I covered if I support midwives?

  1. Midwives are typically poorly insured (R5 million cover), which exposes obstetricians and hospitals where there may be a joint liability. We’ve been able to obtain top-up cover for midwives.
  2. We’ve noticed that a few midwives are not registered with professional bodies and there seems to be no minimum standard for experience, such as having to perform a specific number of deliveries a year, in order to maintain professional registrations, without which supplementary/refresher training should be required. We’d value your feedback on this aspect.
  3. Certain obstetricians have expressed concern at supporting midwives performing middle-tier/medium risk births, and have recommended that, if they are required to support those deliveries, then they would prefer to do a scan in the final month before the birth to determine whether the risk category has changed.
  4. Obstetricians are also advised to secure appropriate service level agreements with GP’s and midwives that they support, we can assist obstetricians in that process.

10. What about patient consent forms?

We’ve been developing a series of procedural consent forms for our medical professionals and medical facilities, using information gleaned from our broad experience in the industry. Please let us know if we can provide you with our recommendations and guidelines.