About us

Medical malpractice claims are distressing, both financially and professionally. Not being fully protected by a competent and reputable medical malpractice insurance provider is adding insult to injury.

Natmed Medical Defence is 23 years old and has been arranging medical malpractice cover in South Africa for 18 years. We are there when healthcare practitioners and facility owners are vulnerable and in need of stability. We are available 24 hours a day and our highly regarded service is backed by dedicated, knowledgeable employees and representatives.

We advise and assist in developing a suitable plan to deal with claims as well as complicated matters that may lead to claims. During 2013 we went through a process of revising our current risk pricing models, which have been expanded to cater more appropriately for different levels of practitioner performance, facility exposure and claiming patterns, allowing for personalized pricing, tailored according to your specific practice and needs.

At Natmed, relevant premium options are provided. We encourage you to discuss alternative premium and/or cover options to suit your individual needs. Apart from tax benefits, our products offer appropriate protection and on request tailored options, as well as various other benefits and services that distinguish us in the market.